Troubleshooter officially revealed for DNF Duel in new gameplay trailer

DNF Duel is now less than a month away from releasing, and while we’ve already seen a majority of the cast in action, there’s still a couple fighting game fans have been waiting for.

Neople and Nexon officially revealed Troubleshooter tonight for the Dungeon Fighter Online spin-off showcasing the explosion lover’s moves via a new gameplay trailer.

Unlike his Hitman brethren, the Troubleshooter doubles down on ranged weaponry take down his opponents in style although he does have a big sword to rack up the damage too.

His main firearm of choice appears to be either a double-barreled grenade launcher or explosive shotgun that can easily juggle the opponent or bounce them off the wall – oh and his sword can explode too.

This bad boy can also toss a ring of grenades on the ground as a trap that he can detonate manually by shooting as well as a special that has Troubleshooter drink out of a flask though we don’t quite know what that’s supposed to do for him .

DNF Duel is scheduled to release on June 28 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC, and you can check out the Troubleshooter in action via his trailer below.


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