Apple’s iOS 16 brings haptic feedback to iPhone’s native keyboard

A whole lot of exciting announcements came out of WWDC 2022, including details about iOS 16, macOS Ventura, and more. That being said, Apple didn’t highlight all of the new features in these releases on stage during the keynote, such as the support for using Face ID in landscape mode on iPhones. Similarly, Apple didn’t talk about the haptic feedback feature for the native keyboard on iOS 16, either. That’s right! The new iOS 16 release will let you switch on haptics when you type. You should be able to find this new option in Settings when iOS 16 arrives later this year.

For years, haptic feedback has been a popular feature of third-party keyboards on iOS. It’s good to see Apple finally bringing it natively to all iPhones. With this feature enabled, you’ll feel a vibration every time you press a key on your iPhone’s default on-screen keyboard. Apple has confirmed the same on its iOS 16 preview page, along with a long list of other features. This will allow iPhone users to have a more satisfying typing experience.

The only way you can get haptic feedback while typing on your iPhone right now is by using a third-party keyboard app. Gboard, for instance, added the haptic feedback feature for iPhones a couple of years back. But you’ll soon be able to experience a satisfying pulse while using Apple’s stock keyboard. Apple’s haptics – powered by the company’s Taptic Engine – are known to be among the best on the market. It’ll be interesting to see how much of a difference it makes while using the stock keyboard with haptics.

The haptic feedback feature will reportedly be disabled by default, but you should be able to turn it on by heading over to the “Keyboard” option inside the Settings app. The first developer beta of iOS 16 is now available to download, with the public beta release expected sometime next month. The final rollout of iOS 16 will begin in the fall, likely alongside the upcoming iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro devices. The iOS 16 update will also be coming to older iPhones and you can check out our iOS 16 supported devices list to see if yours is included.

Via: 9to5Mac

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