Top three NFL defensive players of all time? Aaron Donald, Lawrence Taylor among answers

  1. Lawrence Taylor
  2. Reggie White
  3. Joe Greene

Taylor revolutionized pass rushing in the NFL and the way offenses had to scheme to stop him. Forget the stats, it was clear to see how exceptionally explosive LT was and it showed every time he took the field. Accolades aren’t everything but they sure do help in a conversation like this. In 13 seasons, he was a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, eight-time first-team All-Pro, 10-time Pro Bowler, two-time Super Bowl champion and the 1986 NFL MVP, making him only the second defensive player to win it (joining Alan Page). Once I started working for the New York Giants, I got to hear stories from people who witnessed the LT experience firsthand. The legend only grew in my eyes.

Being a Philly native and a teenage Eagles fan during The Minister of Defense’s prime, I have an emotional investment in Reggie White. His unique blend of speed and power – who could forget his signature hump move? – easily made him one of the top two most dominant defensive players in history.

To this day, I still remember meeting “Mean” Joe Greene as a first-year scout at the Senior Bowl. What an experience! The cornerstone of arguably the greatest teams and Steel Curtain defenses of all time – teams that were loaded with Hall of Famers – Greene became a cultural icon (SEE: Coca-Cola commercial), and his ferocity and physical gifts would project him to be dominant even in Today’s game.

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