“Novak Djokovic’s 2022? He should never have gone…”

On the eve, no one could have ever imagined such a troubled season for the number one in the world, between problems not related to tennis, not perfect physical conditions and a long ascent in tournaments on clay. Novak Djokovic, despite the many difficulties starting from the impossibility of playing the Australian Open and the US competitions (due to the absence of the anti-Covid vaccination), maintained the primacy of the world ranking and the status for almost all the first five months of the year.

of tennis player to beat in big events. With an already complicated year, the Serbian’s path is always full of unknowns, given that he could not participate in the American tour at the moment (significantly affecting his own ATP ranking).

The words of his coach

Goran Ivanisevic, in an interview with Sport Klub, retraced and analyzed the stages of 2022: “People must understand that it is not easy to prepare for something you do not know if you will be able to play.

Before Monte Carlo I didn’t even know if he could compete, not creating the right incentives to train at the best. Then he too got sick. In my opinion he should never have gone to Monte Carlo. He wasn’t good at the energy level.

Later Belgrade helped him: he was improving game by game. In the final, against Rublev, he had an energy block. Trust me, 95% of people would never have returned if Australia had happened to them. He was able to come back in a few weeks.

Up to Madrid we saw a completely different Nole. That match against Carlos Alcaraz was phenomenal. Novak could have won, because everything was decided on two or three points. In Rome we only had the confirmation that we received in Madrid.

It was important that he arrived in Paris feeling his best.” Current job: “We have the same mentality and have had similar experiences to yours. It’s easy for me to understand some things. As time goes by I know better and better how he thinks.

Djokovic is a perfectionist who wants to progress every day. Sometimes something seems like it perfect for me and not for him.”

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