Black alternate uniform needs to happen

Michigan State football has white, green, and even neon uniform concepts, but what about an all-black with some green look?

The Mel Tucker era has brought up some awesome helmet concepts such as the Gruff Sparty and the Script State as well, but fans are hoping for an entire uniform idea, like a blacked-out look.

Going back to the Mark Dantonio era, Michigan State football fans have been spoiled with some awesome concepts such as the all-white look as well as the Pro Combat Nike uniforms with the bronze helmets and secondary color. He gave up the white helmets and the bronze while also providing the neon look.

But fans have been clamoring for the all-black look for years.

Some fans are more traditional and wish that Michigan State would just stick to green and white, eliminating the neon, bronze, and even the white helmet, but a ton of college football teams have gone the blacked-out route and it rarely looks bad. Actually, it almost never looks bad.

Don’t believe me? Artist/designer Ben Sonday released a “blackout” concept for Michigan State football on Monday and it looked darn near perfect.

I’ve always been under the impression that the neon with black go well together and if Michigan State does go the blackout route, the neon should be incorporated, but these look amazing. The MSU green Spartan logo with the white trim surrounded by black and white letters/numbers just looks incredible.

This is just more proof that Michigan State needs an all-black uniform and we have Sonday to thank for this.

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