New Bullet Train trailer features Sandra Bullock’s Maria Beetle

New Bullet Train trailer shows more of Sandra Bullock

Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock in Bullet Train
Photo: Sony Pictures

The first trailer for Bullet Train had everything, except for a good look at Sandra Bullock. We’re happy to report that the second trailer for Bullet Train has everything.

While the previous trailer only featured Bullock as a pair of lips and a disembodied voice, this time around there’s a spotlight on Maria Beetle of “Deer Creek International Business Solutions.” She’s the handler any assassin would want to have, as she christens Brad Pitt’s character “Ladybug” and tries to put a positive spin on his many previous mishaps.

Unfortunately, Ladybug’s bad luck is “biblical” (“I’m not even trying to kill people and someone dies!”), And extends to his latest mission. Not only are the other assassins on the titular bullet train seemingly gunning for the same briefcase, they all have history with Ladybug. That includes Bad Bunny’s character, who will “never stop coming” for Bad Bunny, as well as “The Twins,” Aaron Taylor Johnson and Bryan Tyree Henry. (“You look like every white homeless man I’ve ever seen,” says Henry, not recognizing an old foe.)

Worse still, at the end of the tracks “The White Death” is waiting – a “soulless psychotic leader with the largest criminal organization on the planet” played by Michael Shannon. He has an entire “army of assassins” ready to take on the passengers of the train, and the unlucky ladybug keeps missing his stop.

Elsewhere, there’s some action from Zazie Beetz and some accent work from Joey King, plus a sort of shaggy mullet situation on Bullock’s head. (Fun fact: the actors’ mutual hairstylist on Bullet Train convinced Pitt to do the cameo in Bullock’s film The L0st City). There’s also a lot of cursing and quips from Ladybug, who is remarkably good natured given his rapidly declining fortune.

Bullet Train, from director David Leitch, also stars Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Logan Lerman, and Karen Fukuhara. The film hits theaters on August 52022.


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