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All of this comes at a time of great economic turmoil. Rising inflation, supply shortages, and stagnant wages have many of us asking: How can I protect myself from economic uncertainty? The new generation of workers needs financial information that accounts for the unique challenges they face, including crippling student debt and economic upheaval.

Diversifying, my new podcast from CNN Audio, offers answers at this uncertain moment. In my work as Delyanne The Money Coach on TikTok and Instagram, I’ve seen firsthand how destigmatizing the emotional aspects of money can empower people to finally start investing, tackling student loans and negotiating salaries.
I know the advice that guided previous generations is no longer applicable in today’s world: staying at a job for 40 years, buying a home, having 2.5 kids, and collecting a pension is an American dream that feels unattainable for Millennials and Generation Z.

Instead, Diversifying offers a nuanced and multi-dimensional approach to money by embracing open and honest conversations. From acknowledging the growing wealth gap and the shame of carrying debt, to the pressure of providing for multiple generations at once, Diversifying will tell the stories of real people who are often left out of conversations about money.

Diversifying isn’t about formulaic advice and tough love — we are living through one of the most challenging times in our history and financial advice should reflect that reality. Whether it’s debt, real estate, the stock market, crypto, or NFTs, people want a safe space to learn and ask questions, free from judgment.

On your mark, in debt, go!

Our first two episodes look at the growing student debt crisis. In the first episode, I talk to my sister about how I repaid $ 150,000 in loans and we reflect on a financial system that forces you into debt in order to get ahead. In the second episode, you’ll hear from debt expert Nika Booth, founder of Debt Free Gonnabe, about avoidable money mistakes and how to go from feeling overwhelmed by your student loans to taking control of your debt.

Finance is complex because humans are complex. Leaving our humanity out of the equation is how many of these challenges arose in the first place. Diversifying breaks through the one-size-fits-all mindset, changes how we talk about finance and highlights the human side of money.

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